Part 2: “Headless” Authentication with SharePoint Online and the Client Side Object Model

This is a continuation from my last post:  Authentication with SharePoint Online and the Client Side Object Model Part 1 tackled how to authenticate and get data from SharePoint Online (SPO) in a client application like a Windows application.  This included popping up a browser in a dialog window where the user could enter their…


Authentication with SharePoint Online and the Client Side Object Model

With the Office 365 Beta opening not long ago people are starting to test the waters with regards to custom development and seeing what they can do etc…   We put out the SharePoint Online developers guide here to try and assist with that: However, one of the topics not addressed directly in that paper…


SharePoint 2010 SDK – Now with more SharePoint Online!

Our fantastic documentation team released an update to the SharePoint SDK today that includes a raft of important things for prospective SharePoint Online developers. In particular is the SharePoint Online General Reference topic. Additionally the SDK is now marked up with “Available in SharePoint Online” tags so you can see if a particular feature is…


Real World Branding with SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites

Want to learn how to build an internet facing web site on SharePoint 2010? A newly released Whitepaper from Andrew Connell and Randy Drisgill provides and end to end, step by step walk through of how to go about planning, designing and implementing your project. This is a fantastic resource for everyone going SP WCM…


Announcing SharePoint Easy Setup for Developers

Starting today developers can download a new set of pre-packaged tools that help developers easily get started with SharePoint 2010 development by automating the provisioning of a developer workstation using Windows 7, SharePoint & associated tools. Written in Windows PowerShell these scripts will install and configure all the pre-requisites & products to get you up…


SharePoint development environments, my guidance

At most conferences or events I get cornered by at least two or three people wanting my opinion on how to best set up their development environments.  Questions like: Should I have all my developers on one shared SharePoint server? Should I virtualize? What spec PCs should I buy our developers? Here is my guidance…


SharePoint, ADO.Net Data Services and Silverlight 4 data binding example

I presented recently at an internal Microsoft conference here in Seattle & showed a simple OData/ADO.Net data services & Silverlight 4 data binding example.   It is very rudimentary, but shows how simple it is to get up and running binding Silverlight controls to data coming from SharePoint. For this you will need: A SharePoint development…


Real World Branding with SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites

We just went live with a brand new HUGE! two part whitepaper on branding SharePoint 2007 Publishing Sites. This is an awesome resource for getting up to speed on how to build cutting edge internet facing websites on SharePoint 2007.  We take you step by step through the process all the way from the things to…


VS 2010 and SharePoint

Soma posted on the new SharePoint and Visual Studio integration coming in the next release of Visual Studio. This is something I have been working on with the developer division and it is very cool to see this finally being talked about!  Great work Reza, Mike and the rest of the team. This is…


New SharePoint Ramp Up Training available

If you are a new to SharePoint development then this series of training might be helpful.  Part 2 just went live.