Joel is blogging…

And about time too!  Joel has a wealth of real world SPS/WSS experience from running the internal deployment of these products at Microsoft.


Another great addition from the MSIT group…

From the same group that brought you the “SharePoint Recycle Bin v 1.0” …. the Cross Forest People Picker 1.0 “This picker requires and leverages the profiles in SPS for adding users to Windows SharePoint Services sites as a replacement to the Outlook address book button.  It is designed to work in one way, cross…


AfterMail, Email & KM

Yesterday I was treated to being shown v.Next of AfterMail … all I have to say is WOW … they are doing some really amazing work. For those who don’t know what AfterMail is: it is the hottest contender in the email archiving and compliance space right now.  They also happen to be a New…


New improved SharePoint Recycle Bin released!!! (must have)

One of the most frequent questions I get from customers is around a recycle bin for SharePoint.  This is not functionality that you get Out of the Box (OOB).  OOB you need to go back to a backup to retrieve a deleted document (this is being sorted out in the next version by the way). There…


Peter Jackson, Windows XP, Apple & Media Center

Was catching up on some Production Diaries from the King Kong movie on and noticed a couple of things: PJ had an Apple Cinema Display running off a Windows XP machine … with what looks like an HP Media Center PC IR reciever (circled in red) 🙂  Nice setup!


How to do a screen capture in Media Player

I wanted to do a screen capture from Windows Media Player and was having issues due to the use of Overlays. This post came to the rescue … pointing me to the right place in WMP to turn off the use of overlays.


More on Peter Jackson, Weta, Microsoft and Wellington, NZ

More info coming out on the Halo movie.  Local buzz is building.  I for one have been a Jackson fan for a long time … i rember being freaked out as a kid after watching Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles … great classic gore movies. So … very exictied about having my favorite video…


You know you are old when …

… You go to a Black Eyed Peas concert … and everyone holds up cellphones instead of lighters.  Oh how times have changed.  I must be getting old.


Non-Collaborative My Sites

Bill has a good post on My Sites here.There is some confusion about what the ‘Create Personal Site’ and ‘Use Personal Features’ permissions allow/dont allow. This post is a pretty good little summary on what Bill calls Non-Collaborative vs. Collaborative My Sites. Many don’t understand you can have a ‘halfway house’ type of My Site…


Offile Folder Sync SharePoint libraries

Ian pointed me to this little utility by digi-link.  Great little app for offline library syncronisation: