New job

No I haven’t been laid off from Microsoft … and hope I don't any time soon 🙂

I changed roles this past week.  I have joined the world famous (in SharePoint circles anyway) Technical Product Management team run by Arpan Shah.  This is the team that notable folks such as Joel Olsen, Mike Fitzmaurice & Lawrence Liu were part of in the past.  I will be working with Richard Riley, Paul Andrew and a host of other great people on all things SharePoint.  The team is responsible for the technical marketing efforts for SharePoint products and technologies.  When I was working in MCS in the field a while back I worked with this team a lot on conferences/events etc… They are also the founders of the SharePoint ranger team that i was a part of. 

They are a great team and I am really looking forward to getting stuck into some great work as we proceed towards the launch of the vNext set of products.

My move was from the SharePoint engineering team where i was a Program Manager working on the next version of SharePoint.  In my new role I will get to help take all the great things that are being built to market.  Its going to be a lot of fun & I cant wait to start telling you all about the new things we have lined up for you.  Very cool stuff.

I also moved to building 17 and here is the view from my office … i have not unpacked yet 🙂



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  1. Jeremy Thake says:

    Congratulations Chris, what an honour for you to be part of that team! Obviously working on SharePoint 14 will probably mean a lot of stuff being censored on the blog, but it’d be great to get some information on where things are going that you can divulge around VSeWSS etc. I’m going to focus on STSDev and SPSource on CodePlex and would be interested to hear where things are going. VSeWSS 1.3 was a bit of an indication and hurdle over 64bit, but be interested in what else is coming…?

    Good luck in your new role!

  2. Awesome!  That’s the greatest team in the SharePoint world!  Enjoy yourself.

    Let’s do lunch soon.  I’m so excited for you.


  3. Congrats!  And an office with a view!!  Best of luck with you new role.  🙂

  4. Alex Malek says:

    Congrats man – I can’t think of a better person to join the hallowed halls of SharePoint Marketing. Nice upgrade on the office as well ;>. Cheers, alex

  5. Ruwan Fernando says:

    Hope you will still continue to write blog posts about developing solutions on SP. Or is there someone else I should watch out for that will be taking over the role you played before?


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