Real World Branding with SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites

We just went live with a brand new HUGE! two part whitepaper on branding SharePoint 2007 Publishing Sites. This is an awesome resource for getting up to speed on how to build cutting edge internet facing websites on SharePoint 2007.  We take you step by step through the process all the way from the things to…


How we demo…

  I get a bunch of questions at events etc… on how our team do demos.  I don’t mean the content of the demos, i mean the actual setup and execution. You might think this is a simple question to answer, but it is more complex than you think. First up there is no single…


SharePoint Conference Tweets

Letting blog readers know that the official SharePoint Conference tweet stream is up:   Follow!


VS 2010 and SharePoint

Soma posted on the new SharePoint and Visual Studio integration coming in the next release of Visual Studio. This is something I have been working on with the developer division and it is very cool to see this finally being talked about!  Great work Reza, Mike and the rest of the team. This is…


Demoing SharePoint… how do you do it?

Ivory Tower (Redmond) to all earth bound SharePoint peeps.  I need some info on your l33t SharePoint skillz. I am doing some research into how you, as SharePoint evangelists, demo SharePoint to others.  This could be as part of a sales pitch or just a regular Thu night demo to the SharePoint Users Group.  Anything…


SharePoint Conference 2009 announced

Vegas, SharePoint & loads of great content & people … do i need to say any more? Early bird registration is open now.  Best conference out there for under a grand USD.


New job

No I haven’t been laid off from Microsoft … and hope I don’t any time soon 🙂 I changed roles this past week.  I have joined the world famous (in SharePoint circles anyway) Technical Product Management team run by Arpan Shah.  This is the team that notable folks such as Joel Olsen, Mike Fitzmaurice &…


New SharePoint Ramp Up Training available

If you are a new to SharePoint development then this series of training might be helpful.  Part 2 just went live.


Community Technology Preview of Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint v1.3

As you might have seen on the SharePoint Team Blog we released the Community Technology Preview of Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint v1.3. This is really designed to address a number of pressing needs our users have with v1.2.  Namely: – x64 support- Command line build support There is a bunch of other great…