Zune pass is now officially beyond awesome

I already subscribe to Zune Pass and love it for the ability to discover music using a subscription service.  You just download whatever you like and don't have to worry about the cost.  Don't like the music?  Doesn't matter … just ditch it.


It just got better!

Now you get 10 songs a month (MP3 DRM free to boot) to keep forever included!

This has got to be the BEST deal out there.

For $14.99 a month you get $10 worth of music to keep AND all the music you want to download on subscription. 

So if you are buying 10 songs a month anyway its like getting all the rest for $4.99 a month!

You don't need a Zune to use Zune Software (which I find WAY better than other stuff out there).  At the moment you can get a 14 day trial of Zune Pass here.

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