BB13: SharePoint 2007 Creating SharePoint Applications with Visual Studio — Sample Code

Here are the code samples I demonstrated in my PDC Session last week as promised.

You can watch the recorded session here: 
(Silverlight streaming Video & slides + demo side by side)

Please read the “Contoso Sample Setup.rtf” file for setup instructions. 

There are a few things you need to do!

The best place to start is to download the WSS developer VPC from here.  The PDC session was conducted on this VPC and the setup instructions are built assuming you are using that VPC.  Of course you can use this on any machine, but the setup instruction may vary slightly.

Please leave a comment or use the “Email” feature of my blog if you experience any setup issues.

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  2. Paul Andrew says:

    Lots of work has gone into the new Patterns and Practices SharePoint Guidance. I’m very excited to see

  3. Michael Wheeler says:

    I tried to follow the directions to propare the vpc, but cannot uninstall the SQL compact. Has something changed?

  4. chjohn says:

    Hi Michael,

    To uninstall those components you need to have the MSI for them.  When you uninstall it will ask you for the path to those MSIs.

    I provided the links to the MSIs at the begining of the setup document.

    Download the MSIs and copy them into your VPC.  Easiest way to do that is to connect your VPC to the network and either remote desktop into it … or copy the files over the network.

    Alternatively you can use a tool like ISO Recorder ( to create an ISO with the files in it … and then mount that in your VPC.



  5. Michael Wheeler says:


    I followed those directions before I wrote my first post and it does not work. Upon trying to remove it asks for the msi. I browse to the msi click ok and get a message back that says it needs the Sql Server Compact 3.5 ENU.

    Isn’t that the msi? I am trying to remove it from Add/Remove Programs. Am I doing something wrong?



  6. chjohn says:

    Hi Michael,

    I think my link in the doucment is to the wrong MSI.  Try this one:

    I will update the setup document.

    My appologies.



  7. The rip in the fabric of space time between our universe and the bizzaro universe , where I am a SharePoint

  8. Paul Andrew says:

    My talk today in Barcelona was a walkthrough building a SharePoint solution with the Visual Studio 2008

  9. Michael Wheeler says:

    Does the Tools msi link need to be updated? I am getting a similar error when I try to uninstall that.


  10. chjohn says:

    Hi Michael,

    You can find the MSI here:

    %Program Files%Microsoft Visual Studio 9Common7IDE

    They cant be downloaded seperately.  I will fix up the link.



  11. Michel says:

    Hi Chris,

    I just wanted to thank you sharing your PDC source code… I’m watching and learning at the moment  🙂



  12. Hey,

    Been reading your blog for a while and thought you’d be interesting in knowing about a utility that we’ve just open sourced.

    ShUIE = SharePoint User Interface Extender

    It allows you to dynamically (according to context) insert JavaScript and CSS into any SharePoint page.

    The announcement is here:

    And the code and documentation is here:



  13. Michelle says:

    Hi Chris, thank you for the demo, very impressive.

    But I feel really frustrated with Sharepoint. At first I tried to override the default list menu action "add a new item" by a customized aspx page, that’s when I got the codebehind issue. Then I realize that if I add or remove a menu action on a specific list, I need to have the ListItemTemplateID, which I dont know how to get from an existing list. Therefore I decided to use a web part instead. I created a web part with UC in path, it worked fine when imported to the web part gallaries. But when adding to a page, it got error "Could not find a part of the path ‘H:InetpubwwwrootwssVirtualDirectories6888Orderbooking’"…..Can’t debug, attach w3wp, nothing worked. It got even weired after I made some changes to the user control, error said "’ASP._layouts_webparticlecontrol_ascx’ does not contain a definition for ‘Calendar1_SelectionChanged’RenderContents". I dont know where the codebehind of the user control was, isn’t it inside the dll ?

    Either I’m too stupid or the Sharepoint is too hard to use. I’m so frustrated.

    Please help…

  14. ewan says:

    I got  !– #RENDER FAILED — > Error Message when I deployed "Forecasts List". Any idea about that ?

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