Packin for PDC

Its always a geeks worst nightmare packing for a conference and getting the balance of gadgets, clothes, number of bags and weight.

Do you go for a gadget for every occasion?  or carry on only?  dilemma!

I personally prefer the minimal approach to things … but my limit for carry on only is a 2 night trip, so that means another bag.

As for geeking techy stuff… I am having to take a bunch of kit down with me for my session and related stuff which is adding to my weight big time 🙁image

Thankfully I have a lightweight Lenovo X60 lappy and not one of these poor souls I see lugging portable desktops around with them.

You can follow my PDC experience via the following:  (will get updates from all the below)

If you have not seen or heard about Eye-Fi cards you should check them out.  Will be using mine to squirt photos up to Flickr via WiFi.


Heading off tomorrow morning to LA.

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