PDC 2008: SharePoint 2007: Creating SharePoint Applications with Visual Studio 2008

I hope everyone is getting as pumped as I am for the PDC next week.  So much dev geek goodness in one week … its all good!

Plug for my session:

SharePoint 2007 Creating SharePoint Applications with Visual Studio
Thursday 8:30am

Abstract:  “Learn how to use Microsoft Silverlight and SharePoint together. See us build a SharePoint application using the Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint.”

Put it in your calendars:

That is this abstract from the PDC site … here is my more detailed version…

We wont be sitting watching slides .. 10mins MAX.  After that we will be jumping head long into a 50min demo that builds out a full application.  None of this cake in the oven nonsense

We are going to do that in 5 bits:

- Design – Do the branding stuff
- Extend – Extend SharePoint to add the things we need
- Integrate – With other systems using WCF
- Social – Everyone loves social stuff!!
- Visualize – Use Silverlight to show stuff

(Come and learn about new Silverlight stuff that has not been released yet!  no … its not Silverlight 2.0 that is already out)


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  1. Jeremy Thake says:

    I can’t make it over there to see this…will there be any webcasts/slides etc. on this? Sounds like a great deck!

  2. chjohn says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    All the PDC sessions are being recorded… so yes you will be able to tune in to those to watch the session.



  3. Wictor says:

    Looking forward to it! Just one week away!

  4. Dan Usher says:

    Chris, for those of us that unfortunately couldn’t make it out to PDC, any chance the slides can be shared?

  5. chjohn says:

    Thanks Dan,

    I will be posting later today with the code samples from the session.

    You can watch the session here:



  6. Dan Usher says:


    Rockin’ awesome!  Thanks for posting the content out to the community so that it can be leveraged and used to help younger devs have decently structured resources to learn from.



  7. neil barkhina says:

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks, great presentation. Where can I find the Contoso Site files to download?


    -Neil Barkhina


  8. Abel says:

    Nice conference chris, I am starting now to understand the moss stuff and i need to say that you presentation helps me su much.

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