So i was in a meeting today and we had a remote participant.  We were using Live Meeting to do the presentation and demo.  We were in a meeting room with a Round Table … so i decided to plug it in and see what happened 🙂

20 seconds later the video popped up and we were up and running.

I had been in a meeting using this before … but not tried using it myself. 

Very cool stuff … and greatly helped with the meeting.


PS: I am the guy second from the left.


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  1. Mase says:

    Sounds great CJ. We’ve been watching the Roundtable demos in NZ for almost 2 years now, any idea when they’ll make it down-under?  Btw, have we met..?

  2. chjohn says:

    Best bet would be to buy one from Aussie and get it shipped over.

    Maybe in another life 🙂

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