Bill’s last day

Today is BillG’s last day full time at Microsoft.  I just finished watching a live web cast of Bill’s last “town hall meeting”.  These are meetings where the execs of the company talk about the business and how we are doing etc… Today’s was obviously dedicated to Bill.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I don’t fully realize what a monumental day today is.  I suspect in 10, 20 or 30 years time I will look back and realize that today was the day that really defines Bill’s legacy. 

As big is the role that Bill has played in defining the computer industry (the biggest),  I feel that it will pale in comparison to the work he will now focus on full time.

He has always had world changing visions and dreams.  At the beginning of Microsoft it was to put a computer on every desk.  Now it is all about solving huge humanitarian issues like AIDS and world poverty.  Everyone has dreams to do great things … Bill actually does things to achieve them … no matter how big and world changing.

As much as many people despise Bill (many I think due to his success), he has changed the world once and there is no one else better equipped to change it a second time.  Bill 2.0

I know it sounds cheesy , but I joined Microsoft almost 6 years ago to be a part of something that changes the world.  Before Microsoft I had never felt the feeling you get from knowing literally millions of people are using software you directly had input in, it is something quite unique. 

Software is unique in that really you are only limited by what you can think up.  That is the magic of software… and Bill is taking that mantra of anything is possible to the next level.  I applaud his commitment and focus to these issues and really hope he changes world all over again … one more time.

Not many people get to change the whole world once, but to have the opportunity to do it twice? … Historic.


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