Loving the new Zune update

Finally managed to get around to updating my Zune software to the new update.  Great to see TV shows in there like Battlestar Galactica and The Office.


I really like the Zune Card integration too.  Feeling more social already :)  It is cool to see what your fiends are listening to and be able to listen to them and/or download.  Very cool.  I always find it hard to find new music I like so it is nice to see what others are listening to.

Awesome to see that Auto playlists are back too! (i really missed them)


Comments (3)

  1. Greg Kamer says:

    The Zune is very awesome…I love these features as well.  Which one do you own?

  2. m says:

    YUP YUP agree, love the onsite marketplace, nnot that i will buy any downloads. Super happy about the games.

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