Halo 3

Thought this was hilarious...


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  1. Jaxy Johnson says:

    Hi Chris,

    Are you guys using MOSS 2007 Blogs Sites for your Blogs (MSDN Blogs sites)?

    Looks like you guys are creating a new page every month that has the same look and web parts on it and goes into it’s own folder. Nice way to organize blogs pages.

    I am wondering the followings to achieve with MOSS 2007 Blogs sites. I tried different options but going no where.

    – how do you create the page for each month that has the same look and web parts?

    – how do you create the pages in it’s own folder/location such as: /archive/2006, /archive/2007 etc..

    hope you or some one out there can give me some direction and steps.



  2. chjohn says:

    Hi Jaxy,

    http://blogs.msdn.com is not running on MOSS yet.  It went live prior to MOSS releasing.  We are looking at getting it moved over at some point.  There are however some blogs here are MS that are running on MOSS here: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/blogs/default.aspx


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