Windows Live Custom Domains

I have a personal domain that I use for personal email etc... and until now have had this either its email hosted by an ISP or run a mail server.

Until I got around to playing with:

Windows Live Custom Domains

You can host your domain's email on the Windows Live Hotmail system.  You get all the spam protection and great web UI + the ability to manage all the accounts/mailboxes under that domain.

Its great!


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  1. Pat Magnan says:

    I’ve been tired of running my home mail server.. I’ve run my own mail site out of my home for 8 years or so, but it tends to divert me from enjoying computing at home, as i’m always fixing things..

    I’ve only seen one part of the process that is a bit confusing — the ‘host names’ are numeric values. Most registrars don’t allow you to add an ‘all numeric host name’ (i.e. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.domain.tld), specifically the Microsoft DNS server, and adding an alias that is just that without the domain isn’t allowed either.

    It would be a lot easier if you kept more information in your databases, and made it so that mom and pop kettle could do the same, and scrap the CNAMEs that you generate, using the old host.domain.tld type notation (in which 9 digit host names are illegal no?)

  2. Pablo says:

    It is awesome, I use it to manage emails from my company, some users prefer the web interface at or others prefer outlook using the outlook connector


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