LINQ to SharePoint

Recently I have been brushing up on some topics that I had sidelined on my todo list to catch up on later. 

Well I finally managed to learn more about Linq in more detail & even crank up the Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 VPC and try out some this stuff.  I totally think it totally rules!  Very clever and simple way to get access to your data.

So this got me thinking ... i wonder if anyone has written a Linq pack to connect to SharePoint?

Well the Internet delivered again and what do you know ..."bdesmet" has a CodePlex project called "LINQ to SharePoint" !

I have yet to fully check out this implementation ... but it certainly looks promising!

LINQ to SharePoint - Home

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  1. Bart De Smet says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for linking to the LINQ to SharePoint project. I’ll be releasing a new build (0.2.3) pretty soon that will target Orcas Beta 2.

    Have fun!


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