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As you might have read in my previous posts I have signed up for the all you can eat Zune Pass to go with my Zune.  It is great ... i can download and listen to as much music as i like.  All legally 🙂 

Anyway... I am loading up my Zune to go away for a few days and want some suggestions on new music that I might like.  Given the death of James Brown ... i have been standing up and getting down to James for the past few days.

Here is what i like to give you a staring place:

- Propeller Heads (gutted they have not done anything new for while ... they rule.. Alex Gifford is a legend)

- Funk (genre) / Soul ... James Brown etc...

- Anything from the UK Club scene. I would say i fit into the medium hard category ... no so into the hard core stuff... but love Pete Tongs essential selection etc...

Or ... if you know of any sites where i can go and "discover" new artists based on my tastes that would also be great!


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  1. Kristoffer says:

    Check out Pandora ( Occasionally you get some odd recommendations but I’ve found a lot of good stuff I wouldn’t have found on my own there.

  2. Chris, when coding/debuggng, my favorite type of music is dance/trance/techno because there are minimal lyrics and you can just keep your head down and concentrate. Found this DJ out of Canada who’s music has a distinict UK club sound: DJ Bolivia. The tracks are very long (45m+) and have an interesting coding kick… one is titled "Exception Handler". Enjoy!

  3. Rob says:

    Look at to find related artists

    Nothing a little Stevie can’t fix.

  4. Flamer says:

    Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of ??

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