All Zune’d up…

For those who have not heard about what a Zune is ... it is a portable music/video/picture player from Microsoft...  and it rules.

I have owned in the past a 2nd gen iPod (yes my battery died within a year ... grrrrr) & a Creative Zen Micro (6Gb)...  not a whole lot ... but both were dissapointing in some way or another.

Killer features:

- Massive screen is just awesome to watch video or pictures on (3 inches!)
- Wireless sharing of music and photos with other Zunes (DRM applies to music ... recipient gets 3 plays or 3 days ... pretty cool really)
- Plays MP3, WMA & AAC files.
- did i mention amazing video!

I skydive and this is the killer device for showing your mates videos of jumps or photos from holidays.  + you can send them photos wirelessly if you like 🙂

Other stuff i like ... a really easy to use interface ... pick your background pic for the device ... scratch resistant outer shell ... built in FM tuner.

I just cant believe how nice watching video is on a screen that size.  The device is only slightly larger than the Creative Vision M and Video iPod, but has a much better/bigger screen ... so i think it is worth it.

They are out in the USA now ...

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  1. Tariq says:

    I own a Ipod 5G and am frustrated with it, why? coz extensibility is nill.

    What might sway me to the zune is if you could write apps for the zune on the compact framework.

    That would be just awesome.

  2. Brendan says:

    Have you got one already??  If so, where did you get it from?  Keen to lay my hands on one of these myself…  🙂

  3. chjohn says:

    Hi Brendan,

    Yes i do.  I ordered it from

    Go get one … they rule!


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