MOSS 2007 Business Data Catalogue (BDC) generator

If you are freaked out at the thought of having to craft by hand the XML config for a BDC application in MOSS 2007 ... then look no further:

Not the prettiest of applications ... but fully functional for connecting the BDC with a database! Now all we need is for this to do the same with web services 🙂

Nice work Todd!

Comments (2)

  1. Dave Evans says:

    Another good tool for this is ‘MOSS BDC Design Studio’ which I think has Webservices and (no offence intended) ‘looks nice’.

  2. I also have a BDC generator. It uses Enterprise Architect and lets you design and view your database and BDC connection using standard UML with a standard UML diagramming tool instead of some custom clunky app.

    We don’t have web services yet, but that will come. There’s a free trial if anyone is interested.

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