Search in Vista and Office 2007

Search is vastly improved in these two products ... no more waiting for the little dog to tell you nothing was found.

In fact ... it is so fast that I am using it more and more for launching apps!

In Vista i can press the ‘Windows’ key type my search E.g. “Word” or “Control” and instantly i see the apps that match ... press enter and launch. So fast and my hands never leave the keyboard. No more programs menus to wade through trying to find things.

Vista indexes all your files, apps, mail, contacts, calendar ... the list goes on.

Another E.g.

  • ‘Windows’ key

  • “Joe Blogs”

  • Enter

  • Blam ... contact for Joe Blogs, all emails from Joe Blogs

This is changing the way I work in Windows.

In Microsoft Office 2007 it is the same ... instant search in Outlook across email, contacts, tasks etc... very cool.

E.g. Search for a contact for a friend of mine...

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  1. Mike says:

    Windows indexing services available in NT4, 2000 and XP is as fast. It’s just turned off by default. So what’s your claims?

  2. chjohn says:

    That these features rock 🙂

    Search in NT4, 200 & XP is certianly not as accessable as Vista.  In Vista search is built right into a lot of windows.

    Also try doing a search for any control panel applet with one click of the Windows key and typing your search term like "firewall" on NT,2000,XP.

    Sure you may be able to achieve vaguely similar fast indexing (i am no indexing expert here … but i would put money on there being 100’s of imporvements in this area also) in NT, 2000 & XP … but leveraging that as a user is key.  This level of feature integration does that.

  3. Stefano says:

    Impossible to make outlook 2007 on vista (both rtm) instant search working…

    I have pst file on external disk, i’ve rebuilt the index, set to default, restart and so on…

    Nothing to do.

    Instant Search in outlook do not work.

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