Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – Q & A Part 1

Part 1 answering some of the comments on my previous post about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007:

Q. "granularity of permissions on lists/doclibs?"
A. We have item level permissions now! Wahoo.  So down to a doucment, list item or folder. (you can have folders in lists now also)

Q. "backup/restore of individual (sp)webs WITH permissions?"
A. We still rely on STSADM for backup and restore.  So still no sub web backups i think.

Q. "security trimming of UI, is it everywhere or just certain places?"
A. Everywhere.  From the frontend UI through to site admin screens.

Q. "level of webdav compliance better? SSL please -- xp sp2 disables basic auth for webclient on http"
A. hmmm not sure on this one.

Q. "event handlers: anything new?"
A. We now have synchronous events as well as async events! So you get events for things that are about to happen 🙂  We also now have the ability to have event handlers on lists as well as doucment libraries.

Q. "the CAML beast -- throw us all a bone here, are we getting a decent designer soon?"
A. CAML is still used ... however it is in less places.  For views you will still need to use CAML.

Q. "a remotable object model -- [serializable] anyone?"
A. Still need to use the Web services for this.

Q. "delete alerts: who deleted -- possible (maybe this works in sp2) ?"
A. yup.

Q. "infopath forms without infopath client?"
A. Yes.  This really is totally awesome.  No ActiveX required just HTML and javascript.

Q. "is the ugly as hell fpse 2002 wse 50 inspired management ui gone yet?"
A. If you mean the site management screens etc... then yes ... there is a totally new management UI

Q. "better function support in calculated columns?" & "allow lookup fields in calculated columns?"
A. hmm ... not sure on this ... will check it out.

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  1. Gabe says:

    Can we expect to see Sharepoint 2007 more friendly in browsers besides IE (e.g. firefox, safari, etc)?


  2. chjohn says:

    Hi Gabe,

    Yes is the short answer.  

    There is quite a bit of testing going on around compat with other browsers.  Although i am not aware of exact scenarios, there will be a "down level" experience in some areas.

    E.g. Forms Server is the component of MOSS that allows people to work on InfoPath forms in a web browser.  Create, Save, Edit … in an experience that is very close to working on the form in the rich client.  There has been a lot of testing on making it possible to fill out and work with these forms in other browsers.  This will be great if you want to put a form on the web where you have no control over what browser the user might be using to fill out the form.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Gabe says:

    "Hope this helps."

    Yes it does, Sharepoint not being friendly in other browsers has slowed our deployment in the past. Ideally that will not be the case for SP2007.

    Thanks for such a fast response. (MS + Blogs = great customer experience)

  4. Adrian says:

    Hi Chris,

    Is their any UI that allows folders to be assigned metadata within lists, or is this a code only solution

    The functionality I want is:



  5. chjohn says:

    Hi Adrian,

    To do this you need to add columns to the Folder content type.  It is probably best to create a new Folder content type (whos parent is Folder) and add columns to this new type.  Then you can add that content type to the libraries you would like this in.  Having said this, if you want all folders site collection wide to have this metadata, then you could add the columns to the default Folder content type.  You can get to the content types via the Top level Site Settings admin pages.  There is a gallery called Content Types where you can administer your site collection content types.  In there you will find folder.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Krishnan says:

    I am looking for a way to assign item-level permissions on a MOSS 2007 Document Library, wherein users can read and edit only their own documents.

    This feature is available for SharePoint Lists, but not for Document Libraries 🙁

  7. Robin Norris says:

    I customized a folder’s permission in a doc lib so that it is not inhereting permissions, and explicitly added 5 users, and removed all the group permissions. The theory is that only those 5 users should be able to even see the folder, much less access the files in it.

    Unfortunately it’s not working that way. I’m working with the main IT guy, I’m not one of the 5 names, yet I can click manage permissions on the folder and view the names listed, and open the folder and view the content.. What’s wrong with this picture?

    I would also like to be able to target an audience to the folder, and that option is sadly lacking the edit properties info for the folder.

  8. Oliver O'Boyle says:

    What’s the outlook on column level permissions? This would be a great feature because a lsit could be "shared" between two different user groups.

    E.g. Customer places a request that uses 4 fields, and IT replies using the remaining 4 field. Customer can’t enter data into IT’s fields.

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