Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 …

On the 21st the covers came off the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) at the Office Developers Conference.

Along with this was the lifting of the NDA that stopped our TAP customers blogging about it etc...

So ... let the flood gates open 🙂

I would love to take suggestions on what the SharePoint community wants to hear about out there ... so fire away.  Leave me comments on the stuff you would most like to hear about in the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server ... and i will see who wants what ... and see what i can do about answering your questions.

I have been delivering a course around Asia to select partners on our RDP program so with any luck can answer your questions.

Fire away.

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  1. Pieterd says:

    I’d like to hear more about workflow, changes in administration, integration of client products, improvements in document management and content management, etc.

  2. chjohn says:

    That is a whole lot to cover in one shot.  Pick one of those to start with and I start with that.

  3. Oisin Grehan says:

    a start:

    – granularity of permissions on lists/doclibs?

    – backup/restore of individual (sp)webs WITH permissions?

    – security trimming of UI, is it everywhere or just certain places?

    – level of webdav compliance better? SSL please — xp sp2 disables basic auth for webclient on http

    – event handlers: anything new?

    – the CAML beast — throw us all a bone here, are we getting a decent designer soon?

    – a remotable object model — [serializable] anyone?

    – delete alerts: who deleted — possible (maybe this works in sp2) ?

    – infopath forms without infopath client?

    – is the ugly as hell fpse 2002 wse 50 inspired management ui gone yet?

    – better function support in calculated columns?

    – allow lookup fields in calculated columns?

    I think that’s enough for the moment. Although I reserve the right to badger you further with another post… 😉

    – Oisin

  4. Glepa says:

    what i want in a new version of sharepoint services is the use of just the AD usernavn and passord to log on. As far as i now we have to use domain name/username to get rid of autentication when viewing every document…

    And haveing to enter domain/username is a big step for the users…!

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