Pet Peeve with BCC and email…

When you join Microsoft one of the first things you end up getting really good at very quickly is dealing with truck loads of email and information.

Microsoft runs on email.  You get really good at using Outlook rules to organise your inbox.  There are many thousands of distribution lists (DLs) that you can join to get across all sorts of technology and topics etc... Most people make the mistake of signing up to all sorts of DLs ... then get totally swamped in thousands of emails.

But what REALLY peeves me off is when people BCC me into things.  This breaks ALL my inbox rules that nicely sort and store email in the right place.

The last email rule i have is to move all email that does not have me in the TO: or CC: line into my "Inbox 2".  This means any mail to lists etc... that i dont have a rule for ends up in this inbox & only mail that is to me is in my Inbox.  This means that i only get email from my inbox on my phone ... i.e. only the important ones 🙂

Anyway ... there are some DLs i am on that have people that think that right right way to take a conversation offline is by BCCing the DL.  That way you dont get any emails when they reply and you dont get the rest of the conversation. 

It kinda works ... but all my rules dont work 🙁  it totally bites.


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