Bad travel days…

Have to say i totally feel for Rod

A couple of weeks back i travelled to Seoul from Singapore.  Upon arrival i was the last person left standing at the baggage claim.  Bugger.  No matter what else is happening in the world ... if you are the last person at the baggage claim it is all bad news.  It is even worse news when it stops 🙁 ... just to top it off this nice airline rep comes over to me and says "Mr Johnson?" -- oh dear ... he knows my name ... this really cant be good at all.

Apparently my bag didnt make it on the plane ... even after a 6 hour stop over!  Anyway ... they will bring my bag to the hotel tomorrow.  nice.  similar experience to Rod ... giving a 2 day training course to customers in less than 12 hours, no clothes, -7 C outside (at least i was carrying a trusty IceBreaker).

Totally feel for people this happens to.  I find it tragic how often this happens to me.  Even today i was left waiting at the baggage claim ... not quite the last one ... waiting for my bag in Melbourne.  It turned up ... finally ... but i had my fingers crossed and was praying not to hear those words ... "Mr Johnson?"

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