On to India….

I arrived in Bangalore India a couple of days ago, delivered the first of our 2 day Office 12 training, and have now just arrived in Delhi. 

This is my first time in India so am learning a lot about how things work here.  It is a shame I am not here for longer as i would like to have the time to get out and about a bit more.  The first thing i noticed about India is how well natured the Indians I have met have been.  They have all been so helpful.

It is always great to get out of your own country and visit the places you see in the news and TV etc...  Pictures can only give you so much of feeling for it.

One thing i knew about India was how mad about cricket they are .... BUT i really had no idea actually how passionate they really are.  India is playing Pakistan right now and the country has bascially come to a standstill!  I cant help but wonder if this was also the reason our plane was delayed 4 hours this morning 🙂

Anyway ... we are delivering the second installment of training starting here tomorrow morning.  1 down 3 more to go!


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  1. Welcome to India. Are you coming down to Hyderabad as well? Since you are already in Delhi Do visit the Taj Mahal. Hope you didn’t miss visiting Mysore while you were in Bangalore….

    BTW Office 12 is a superb product. I shifted to O12 couple of weeks back. Its already stable on my Longhorn box. Of many things I just love the TODO pane in Outlook and the formatting preview in Word. The conditional formatting enhancements in Excel in out of the world….

  2. Mukund says:

    We indians are really crazy about cricket. As that’s the only thing we are somewhat involved in internationally and are recognized. Besides, its an easy game with lots of good rivals.

    About ur plane… uh well i dont think so.

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