Worms on Smartphone or Pocket PC !

I know sure the people at Provoke will be excited about this one! Worms World Party by JAMDAT


King Kong

I really have no idea how to put my feelings down in writing about this movie… It is the most stunning peice of movie making i have seen for some time.  There was a time, probably about 5-7 years ago, when there was a flurry of movies that made leaps and bounds … and then…


New whitepaper up on WSS/SPS SP2

Finally its out! For some time there has been quite a bit of confusion about ASP.Net 2.0 & the .Net framework 2.0 support in SPS/WSS SP2. This whitepaper explains exactly what scenarios are & are not supported.  It is a bit tricky as SPS does not support as much 2.0 stuff as WSS …which has caused some…