Another great addition from the MSIT group…

From the same group that brought you the "SharePoint Recycle Bin v 1.0" ....

the Cross Forest People Picker 1.0

"This picker requires and leverages the profiles in SPS for adding users to Windows SharePoint Services sites as a replacement to the Outlook address book button. 

It is designed to work in one way, cross forest environments where look ups would fail otherwise. It also addresses problems where the email address and NT Account do not match making it a problem with adding email addresses and users having to know the NT accounts of those they add."

These are all tools that our internal IT group at Microsoft have created for use in our SPS/WSS environment.  It is great to see these being made available to everyone.  They solve a number of common problems.

Also keep an eye out for:

- the Site Archive tool.

- My Site Archive tool.

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