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More info coming out on the Halo movie.  Local buzz is building.  I for one have been a Jackson fan for a long time ... i rember being freaked out as a kid after watching Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles ... great classic gore movies.

So ... very exictied about having my favorite video game recreated on the big screen by Jackson:,2106,3434211a10,00.html

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  1. Bil Simser says:

    I’m excited too, however you have to take it with a bit of salt as PJ is only the executive producer which is far from the same as being the director. Steven Spielburg was executive producer on a lot of things that never went anywhere. However hopefully with PJ’s love of games and talent he’ll steer the project in the best direction.

  2. chjohn says:

    Yeah i know what you mean. I guess i was more excited by having much of the CG work done by Weta in the city where i live. I have a number of friends here (like most Wellingtonians) that worked on Lord of the Rings and now King Kong … so it is nice to see they will be busy next year creating more Oscar winning CG.

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