SPS Outlook addin

This looks really good.  Many clients are looking for ways of storing email in SharePoint. 

Another solution to the email archive problem is AfterMail.  Single instance storeage of attachments ... and SQL based store for email.  Growing fast and a really great addition to Exchange and Outlook.


Trinity Expert Systems has released a free utility that allows seamless integration between Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint Portal Server.

It allows emails to be uploaded to SharePoint while offline, storing them in a queue until the user goes online. This feature means remote workers can quickly share information contained within emails across the organisation.

When installed, the tool forms an integral part of Outlook, and allows an easy 'drag and drop' action to copy or move specific emails into document libraries within a SharePoint intranet. The uploader tool provides quick and easy access to the relevant SharePoint document library.

SharePoint and Outlook integration tool

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  1. James Butler says:

    As the author I’d be really interested on feedback for alterations that people would like to see – we have a version coming soon that will work without portal server (i.e. WSS only).

  2. Kjetil says:


    how about making it possible to add metadata, and be able to choose to only add attachment, or only mail, and maybe a html version of the email?

  3. Yaniv says:

    You can use SharedLook which supports metadata, content-types & adding only attachments/only the mail:


  4. Rich says:

    Has this been updated since launch?

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