Multiple document library event handlers on a library

Ever wanted to do this?  ... Me too!

Unfortunately there is not a nice way to do this... however if you are able to modify the code there is a way to string a few of them together.

Take the first document library event handler, inherit from the second.  Add your code to do what ever you need to.  Call your base class.


public class MyHandler : SecondHandler, IListEventSink


   public void OnEvent(SPListEvent event)



I mean this hack ... but it will allow you to have a few handlers with separate code etc...

Comments (2)
  1. Eddie Garmon says:

    Why not write a generic handeler that has an internal collection of handlers.


    public void OnEvent(SPListEvent event) {

    foreach (Handler handler in collection) {




    this way you dont have any dependancy between handlers, and you can dynamically add and re-order them.

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    That is on my list of things to do next 🙂

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