How to create WSS top level sites under the root of a virtual server

I have a number of customer who have asked me this, so i thought i would blog it in case anyone else wanted to know.

If you want to create top level sites in the root of one of your WSS Virtual Servers E.g. /TopLevelSite1″>http://<servername>/TopLevelSite1, /TopLevelSite2″>http://<servername>/TopLevelSite2 etc… here are the steps you need to follow:

Starting with an un-extended virtual server.

Extend the virtual server using the STSAdm.exe tool using the -donotcreatesite switch.

E.g. stsadm -o extendvs -url http://servername –donotcreatesite

This will extend the virtual server and not create a root top level site.  This is really important.

Go into the configuration settings for the newly extended virtual server in the central administration pages. Go into Managed Paths and add ‘/’ as a managed path.

Now you can go back into the central administration pages and create a new top level site under the path ‘/’.

The key to all this is to extend the VS using the STSAdm tool … not the central administration pages.  You dont get the choice of not creating the root site when you extend if you use the HTML admin pages … and that will stop you from adding the ‘/’ root managed path.

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  1. Your a life saver. I was just about to blow it away and start again! Thanks.

  2. John Smith says:

    I’m trying to add a new root level site collection because I accidentally deleted the existing one. However, when I do, it doesn’t show / as an option, even though it is in the defined paths. Do you have any ideas?

  3. Contexte : Lorsque vous créez une "web application" sous MOSS 2007 (par exemple ),

  4. Contexte : Lorsque vous créez une "web application" sous MOSS 2007 (par exemple ),

  5. pakulo says:

    Thanks, Johnson!

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