Worms on Smartphone or Pocket PC !

I know sure the people at Provoke will be excited about this one! Worms World Party by JAMDAT


King Kong

I really have no idea how to put my feelings down in writing about this movie… It is the most stunning peice of movie making i have seen for some time.  There was a time, probably about 5-7 years ago, when there was a flurry of movies that made leaps and bounds … and then…


New whitepaper up on WSS/SPS SP2

Finally its out! For some time there has been quite a bit of confusion about ASP.Net 2.0 & the .Net framework 2.0 support in SPS/WSS SP2. This whitepaper explains exactly what scenarios are & are not supported.  It is a bit tricky as SPS does not support as much 2.0 stuff as WSS …which has caused some…



Another handy WSS administration tool from the MSIT dept… Automates the process of moving a site collection from one content database to another.  Very handy! http://www.gotdotnet.com/workspaces/workspace.aspx?id=27596728-4727-4dcd-8733-49e4017e90bd


Finance …

Firends of mine who used to live in the states told me of all the credit card offers they used to get in the mail everyday.  These would be actual creditcards ready to use.  This is something that has not hit lil’ol New Zealand … yet. Today I open my mail and this is what I find:…


Level flight achieved by skydiver.

Im a skydiver and find these sorts of things AMAZING! I friend of mine (Jezz) recently moved to Finland.  He has teamed up with a guy called Visa who has just achieved level flight in a wing suit & two small jet engines attached to his feet.  NO I AM NOT JOKING. This is a…


Bill Gates vs. Napoleon Dynamite

If you liked the movie check out BillG in action: http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2679657 For one reason or another it seems this has found its way onto the internet.


Take WSS folders offline (& in sync) without purchasing anything.

I have had a number of queries from customers about the simplest way to take a folder of documents that are stored in a WSS site offline with them when the leave the office, and keep those folders updated when they get back into the office.   Well … without going and purchasing a nice…


Mindsharp’s FREE Deleted Items Document Library Custom List Template

Posted recently: http://mindsharpblogs.com/todd/archive/2005/10/06/719.aspx This looks like a cool tool…. great that there is no server side install, easy to use and is an amazing showcase of what can be done in WSS with out of the box components like Lists and Content Editor Web Parts etc… However, I have a couple of concerns with its…