Windows XP Media Center Edition

Got looking at Media Center on the weekend.  WOW.  A great experience!  Have it changing channels on my Set Top Box (STB) etc... I have not looked or played much with MCE before ... but am very impressed with how it changes the way i watch TV.

Here is NZ Tivo and Replay are not sold (as i understand it) so PVR has not started here.  Right now it is limited to techies tinkering with stuff.  With any luck MCE will change that.

I am just blown away with how cool it is.  Now i need the Media Center Xbox Extender to come out and i can use it from anywhere i have an Xbox ... that is cool.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Chris,

    A few of the MVP’s around NZ have MCE running – Lukas for example has it, and loves it ( – and I think Chris Auld ( has it going too….. I’m tempted, but I dont watch much TV, we have a DVD home theater, and I can’t justify the cost of the highend PC…. Looks DAMN GOOD tho!


    [BTW, posted this from Sauce Reader – thanks for the tip!]

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