Microsoft and $75 billion USD

Most people have heard about Microsoft deciding to return $75 billion USD back to shareholders via dividends and a one off payment of $3 per share.  That is pretty cool ... and i am quite proud to be working for a company who is willing to do these sorts of things.

See here

What most people dont know (or dont mention) is that BillG is giving his $3.3 billion dollars that he will get from the $3 / share to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  This then is used for great technology giving programs and fighting diseases around the globe.

Who says he is a horrible and evil person?  There are not many people that give this sort of money away and for the most part Bills contributions go un-noticed.  Shame really.

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  1. DoNo says:

    BillG has achieved so much he doesn’t need to look greedy in the pages of history books.

    He should focus his life to foster human intelligence through technology, even if that means making the right decisions for the benefit of the world and not necessarily for Microsoft.

    Then he would be remembered as the greatest of all greatest and not an evil greedy geek who screwed everybody in his path. What a horrible epitaph.

    He should start cleaning the house by firing SteveB, the darkest shadow over MS image to the world.

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