XPrize attempt…

This has got to be the most exciting advancement in the non-government sponsored space race.  Funded by Microsoft founder Paul Allen ... first attempt tomorrow to launch and complete a 100km high MANNED sub-orbital mission...


That totally kicks ass ... i hope it is a successful mission ... this will pave the way to commercial manned space travel in the decades to come.

Cost of funding $20 million, XPrize (if won) $10 million, ability to take civilian passengers into space will eventually EASILY make up the $10 million deficit.

Mucho Kudos.

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  1. Stefán Jökull Sigurðarson says:

    This will be very interesting to watch. It’s also fun to watch how John Carmack’s Armadillo Aerospace is doing, which seems to be quite well, although they haven’t come nearly this far yet.

    But how is it that every time i hear of Paul Allen i start thinking of the movie American Psycho!? 😛

  2. Astro Gef says:

    They won 😉

  3. Astro Gef says:

    (I mean the test, not the prize).

    http://www.xprize.org – official X-prize site.

    Has a list of all the teams and approaches. From balloon lofted rockets to conventional rockets to the marvel that is SpaceShipOne.

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