I am in Canberra, Australia!

Over here doing some work for a customer and thought i would post a view from the top of a hill ... showing the planned city Canberra.  I have not found it as boring as most have told me ... and it is really interesting being in a city that was totally planned from the begining.  Was designed by a man from Chicago ... who won a competition with his design. 

Also ... on the way up the hill (in the car) we hit a Kangaroo.  They seem to have an ambition run in front of cars!  I mean ... we were the only car on the road ... kilometers of road ... and it wanted to run in front of us.  odd. Anyway ... it was a glancing blow ... didnt seem to damage the Kangaroo as it hit us ... then jumped off into the bush and took off.  Only in Australia.

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  1. TristanK says:

    I went to university in Canberra. I had a very similar experience, driving back to Woden from Bruce one night (they’re suburb names, for those that aren’t familiar with Canberra – I still giggle every time someone says Bruce).

    Anyway, it was about 1am, and I’m driving along a long stretch of road. It’s pitch black outside, when I think I see something hazy in the headlights ahead. By the time it resolved, I was standing on the brakes, tyres squealing loudly, trying madly to reach the horn with otherwise-occupied hands, while the furry blob just stood there looking at me.

    Next thing I remember, the windscreen was a mass of fur – it was a big kangaroo, the same height as my car’s roof when standing – and then it was on the roof, the car was stopped, the tyres were smoking, and the smell of burning rubber was permeating the air.

    I’m sitting there, clutching the steering wheel with white knuckles, trying to remember to keep breathing. And the kangaroo is lying on the roof, not moving.

    My thought sequence was something like:

    – crap!

    – oh I hope the poor thing isn’t dead

    – oh crap I hope it’s dead so I can move it

    – oh crap it was *huge*, I can’t move it

    – maybe I can pry it off, or roll it?

    – oh crap I’m allergic to animals, I’ll be crying all the way home if I can still breathe at all

    – well I can’t touch it, what am I going to do?

    – maybe I can lever it off, or use that pillow from the boot

    – crap!

    – oh no, something’s happening!

    At which point there was a loud scuffling as the roo dented my roof, hopped down next to the car, then looked back at me for a moment -as if to insinuate that wherever I got my driver’s license, I obviously bribed the examiner *a lot* – before hopping briskly off into the bush.

    The blighter broke my left headlight and an indicator, and the dent it put in the bonnet is there to this day…

  2. William Luu says:

    Hello, welcome to Australia 🙂

    Sounds like you enjoyed Canberra, so there’s no real need to say "hope you enjoyed Canberra"!

  3. Geoff Appleby says:

    Well then, welcome to my home town! It’s nice and warm here in the winter, as you may have noticed (yes, i was using sarcasm mode).

    That looks to me like a shot from the top of Mount Ainslie. If so, a word of warning, if you haven’t received it already – the view form there at night is pretty damn good. So good, it’s where most of the drug dealers seem to hang out. Can make for some unruly, uncomfortable times there.

    Just thought i’d let you know 🙂

  4. Ribert says:

    Hmm I’m in Canberra now! people when reminiscing tent to only remember the best bits. It’s planned alright! the train service rocks, point out one decent book shop and don’t start me one the weather….

  5. bianca says:

    "a kangaroo the same height as my car’s roof when standing" says TrsitanK. wow, that is a big kangaroo, i am australian and never seen a roo that big….

  6. robdelacruz says:

    Nice pic, from that view, it looks like a cross between a landing pad and a scene from ‘Independence Day’. I’m trying it out as wallpaper on my desktop and it looks cool.

  7. Jenz says:

    Hey there’s a fantastic bookshop at the Curtin Shopping Centre.  They have little spots where you can sit and relax with a pile of books – and the coffee is great!

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