Make Acrobat Reader load 75% faster!

I saw this and tried it .... It is amazing!  Found on slashdot.

Actually, this is much easier. Go to your Acrobat\Reader folder and take everything from the "plug_ins" folder and move it into "Optional" except the following: Search.api, Search5.api, IA32.api, EWH32.api, EScript.api. Printing and search will still work, and it will load 75% faster. This is on Reader 6.0.

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  1. Mark says:

    Works a charm 😀

    Thanks man…

  2. Steve Clarke says:

    Joseph Cox has written a neat little utility called Adobe Reader Speed-UP that takes care of this automatically for you, allowing you to add and remove plugins from a tidy GUI.

  3. vbNullString says:

    Yeah! It works! Great!

  4. Uwe says:

    So Microsoft is reading Slashdot, too. Cool 🙂

  5. jon says:

    wow… that’s wicked fast now.

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. Awesome! That has always annoyed me.

  8. A note — and some feedback — on making Acrobat Reader MUCH faster.  Acrobat PDF files work great but, boy,…

  9. hlz says:

    It also works on Mac OS 10.3. Like this: Show package content of reader 6.0 app. Navigate to the plugin folder and move everything you dont need to another folder.

  10. Like most other techies, whenever I install Adobe’s Acrobat Reader I also uninstall most of the pointless

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