One space not two

Until now i have always used the 'two space' rule after a period.  The only reason i can put my 'two space passion' down to was seeing my mother typing when i was a kid and asking her why she put two spaces after the period.  It was, as Bill points out in this video, was because in a fixed width font system you needed more space after the period to make it readable.  Funny thing is ... that i have just realised that as i am typing this i am still putting two spaces in 🙂  It is a natural thing for me now... but something i will change after watching this video.  Bill is funny to listen to.

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  1. christoc says:

    I always used two as well, but when I wrote a few articles for while I worked there the editor who cleaned up my writing got on me about using two, and ever since I’ve always tried to use only one 🙂

  2. Ivan Towlson says:

    You realise this is holy war territory, the writer’s equivalent of big-endian vs. little-endian, vi vs. emacs, K&R vs. BSD and Java vs. .NE– oh, hang on.


  3. dave 5 says:

    two space is like syntactic crack… it’s the hardest habit to kick.

  4. Louis Parks says:

    Two spaces is part of the MLA standard. One space is APA standard. Not sure what Chicago says. You should follow whatever the guidlines are in the standard you are targetting.

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