What do people subscribe to?

I recently re-installed XP on my laptop and forgot to save my subscribed (#Reader) RSS feeds (grrrr).  This lead me to wonder what feeds people to subscribe to.  Some people will want this information private i guess ... but others i am sure will not mind at all.  I personally think everyone should have a place on their site where they list what feeds they subscribe to ... or have an BLOG of what feeds they read.

Here are mine:

Now if only i could remember who others i subscribe to 🙁

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  1. kent tegels says:

    Might I suggest http://feeds.scripting.com/ as a place to find that out 🙂

  2. Mikhail says:

    It is for exactly this reason I use <a href="http://www.bloglines.com">bloglines</a&gt; as my RSS reader. Accessible everywhere, no way of loosing the subscriptions and the ability to view EVERY and ANY blog subscribed to by any one.

  3. David Cumps says:

    Bloglines is great! 🙂

    The weblogs.asp.net mainfeed is a good one to subscribe to as well

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