F1 here we come….

It has been a while coming... but this Thu me and a few mates are heading off to the Aussie Formula 1 Grand Prix.  Go McLaren I say.  Will be VERY intesting to see how this season shapes up.  We will be sitting in the Brabham stand right at the end of the front straight and into the S 🙂  Should be great viewing.  My picks for the highlight of the trip will be the Pit walk on Saturday ... up close and personal with the cars and my digital EOS will be in full swing.

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  1. Oooh, I’m jealous. Will you post some photos or links to photos afterwards?

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    Sure thing! I will be sure to!

  3. aspXnet says:

    Will you post some Photos afterwards? how did you manage to get a ticket for pit walk? how much does it cost? For me BMW Williams to win!! Don’t mind Renault winning either. Also don’t mind kimi winning either. Also don’t mind schumi winning either. God I like all the F1 teams. I would really like toyota to finish some podiums this year. They have spent a lot of money and it would be a shame if they don’t finish any podiums this year. Formula one needs more F1 teams. The more the teams the more the fun. Try to snap some of pit babes in the digi if you can? at the end of the day there is no spice in F1 without some beautiful pit babes.

  4. Marco Nova says:

    Come on, guys.

    Nobody will beat Ferrari…..

    Have fun,

    – mn

  5. Ashley Phillips says:

    Well you will be glad to know that the weather forecast is for it to be very HOT! They say in the mid-30’s.

    Live down the road from the Albert Park track and they have been setting up for weeks and it’s lookin’ good – ohhh! can’t wait for all that noise (day and night)…

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