New Zealand Oktober Boogie 2003

Over the weekend i participated in the annual Oktober Skydiving Boggie in Dannevirke New Zealand.  It was the first one run and hopefully will not be the last.  We made the drive up to Dannevirk on Friday afternoon with the weather reports all indicating that it was going to be a waste of time and petrol.

HOWEVER! .... we woke on Saturday to find conditions almost suitable to jumping ... so kept our car keys in our back pockets and hopes on the weather gods.  At around lunch time we were not disappointed and the skys opened up to jump.

Over the next 3 days we did lots of good jumping.  With be still being new to the sport and learning something new on EVERY jump found it fantastic.  Some of the jumping highlights for me include:

So over all a bunch of firsts for me ... and some really fun jumps.

The weekend overall was great fun.  Met a bunch of jumpers from around the country, learnt heaps, watched my sister do a tandem and pretty much was laughing all weekend! 🙂


Now onto the video 🙂

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