TechEd wrap up.

Well the last session of TechEd NZ 2003 has just finished up.  What an event.  The biggest number of people ever at an NZ TechEd & more sessions than ever before.  A great event.

I saw Derek Watson present on Microsoft's Application Blocks this afternoon.  He presented an application he has built using all the blocks available to illustrate how these can be used together.  The one that i had not yet looked at, the User Interface Process Application Block, was very impressive.  Now all we need is for someone to create a module for Visio to create the state config files from a UML State Transition diagram... that would be handy. Which nicely leads to the next session i saw today...

Nic Wise presented on Viso and UML stuff.  He showed a basic overview of how Viso can be used to do code generation and reverse engineering.  Being able to create your general C# classes etc... seems really handy when you building your applicaiton from your technical specs....

Line i have had to use far to many times to be funny....“what do you mean there is no spec!” 🙂  Gotta love fly by wire software development.

Geek Fest was last night.  I really enjoyed it.  Human sized foos ball, crazy blow up castle type things, slippery pig, surf board ride ... and of course beach volleyball 🙂  .... oh ... and plenty of booze.... and geeks! 🙂

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