TechEd NZ Day 1 & 2

We have almost finished Days 1 & 2 of TechED NZ.  I delivered my presentation yesterday ... all went pretty well ... no one left in disgust ... so that is a good sign i guess.

There have been a number of really good sessions.  Out of  personal interest i went to a Yukon session.  In short it rocks ... so many cool new features, pivot TSQL, Wait for statement, queues, recursive queries, .Net code integration, table partitions, XML first class datatype, .Net user defined types ... and the list goes on.  It is still a way off yet ... but it will be fantastic.  the Private BETA 1 is now out ... so will have to have a play.

So much information and so little time to absorb it all 🙂  Where/How do you decide what to absorb and what to just let pass you by?  Not sure.. but i am sure i would feel like i was missing out if i did miss something.

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