Using the uiAccess attribute of requestedExecutionLevel to Improve Applications Providing Remote Control of the Desktop

I’ve run into this exact same problem 3 times now in one week, so I figure that probably doesn’t bode well and I should attempt to do something about it. With 3 different pieces of software (one of them ours), the remote control functionality is imperfectly implemented. Let’s see if this sounds familiar to anyone….


Stock Viewer Shim Demo Application – Now Available in Japanese!

I have had the Stock Viewer Shim Demo application available for over a year now, and I’m delighted at how much impact it has had. I see people using this all the time! But previously it was available only in English. Well, no more – it has now been (mostly) localized to Japanese! Enjoy. ja-jp…


Standard User Analyzer Refuses to Run with Application Verifier 4.0 (and Application Verifier 3.x is Gone!)

Updated March 16, 2009: Somebody updated these links with the 4.0 version (which kind of defeats the purpose of having these links so I’m not sure what they were thinking) but they’re back to the 3.x version now. Hey, there’s a new version of Application Verifier in town, and guess what? Standard User Analyzer doesn’t…


Helpdesk Elevation on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Since I was talking about configuring UAC on Windows Vista and Windows 7 a bit yesterday, I thought it made sense to bring up another policy whose actual use may not be obvious based on the name. User Account Control: Allow UIAccess applications to prompt for elevation without using the secure desktop We talked about…


The Windows 7 UAC Slider, and What You Can Do on Windows Vista Today

As I am focusing more and more on Windows 7, I find that blogging now begins with web searching, to make sure that what I’m talking about is already publicly disclosed and, as such, I’m not putting my job at risk. 🙂 I want to go into a bit of detail on UAC configuration, what’s…


What does the MoveIniToRegistry Shim Do?

I’m still catching up with requests to talk about stuff – here’s one that came in back in June (and just came again today from somebody else): “MoveIniToRegistry clearly requires parameters, but there’s no documentation defining what these are.  (Presumably this fix will apply an IniFileMapping?)” I haven’t doc’d this shim yet, so here’s the…