How to Address Session Sharing Application Compatibility Challenges with Internet Explorer 8

When considering application compatibility, it turns out that there are a number of differences between the biggest challenges affecting Internet-facing public websites and the biggest challenges affecting web applications run in the enterprise. One change between Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 8 which seems to be disproportionately affecting the enterprise is Session Sharing –…


Internet Explorer 8 Application Compatibility List for IT Professionals

We released the Windows 7 application compatibility list a while ago, and have been updating it periodically to add new features. We’ve finally done the same for Internet Explorer 8: Now, we can’t actually speak to whether something works or not, so for lists like this, we instead list whether the application is supported…


The App Compat Guy on Bytes by TechNet

At TechEd North America a few weeks ago, I had a chance to sit down with Keith Combs and talk about the current state of app compat. You can check out the video on Bytes by TechNet:


Is UAC Virtualization Enabled for Internet Explorer in Protected Mode?

I’ve been spending a lot of time “getting to know” Internet Explorer lately, and one topic that I wanted to understand a bit more deeply is precisely how file and registry virtualization in protected mode works. If you look at the outcome of virtualization events, here is what you see:   Protected Mode On Protected…


TechNet Webcasts: The IE6–IE8 Upgrade Series

Next week, I’ll be kicking off my TechNet Webcasts: The IE6 – IE8 Upgrade Series. I’ll be delivering 3 different sessions to discuss the whys and hows of moving to Internet Explorer 8, particularly looking to help out those who are still using Internet Explorer 6. Here are links to the registration for each session:…