The Windows 10 Browser Conundrum

One of the most common questions I’ve been seeing from folks who are migrating to Windows 10 is: “How do I go about hiding all references to Edge / removing it entirely / putting Internet Explorer front and center and ensuring that nobody ever finds Edge?” So naturally, I’m not going to answer that question….


Should I Enable Enterprise Mode Through the Tools Menu or an XML File?

We are in the final stretch for support for older versions of IE on Windows – January is now right around the corner! We’re seeing customers making great progress, but some are still struggling with the final mile, and we want to understand where things are hard so we can do our best to address…


Data Science Suggests You Upgrade Your Browser to Be More Secure

There’s a lot of activity going on now that we are in the home stretch of trying to get everyone upgraded to the latest version of the browser. For example, we’ve just published a couple of blog articles: Upgrading to a Faster, More Secure Browsing Experience (this one if you’re feeling less nerdy) Continuing to…


Updated Version of the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager Released

You may have noticed by now that Enterprise Mode continues to evolve – and as such, the tooling continues to evolve as well. In case you didn’t notice, last week we released a new version of the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager, which has a helpful feature for use with Windows 10: it allows you…


Can the IE Enterprise Mode Site List Replace Compatibility View?

One of the questions I’ve been discussing a lot lately, both internally and with customers, is how to go about disabling the default Compatibility View for the Local Intranet zone. Customers really want to disable this option! But you certainly can’t do that at the expense of compatibility. Why Disable Local Intranet Compatibility View? I’ve…


ActiveX Sprayer: A Real World Adventure with Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer

Before we released Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11, we ran a fairly large pilot program – we targeted 30 customers, and ended up with more than 90. But there’s still always the question – will we have, by chance alone, gotten unlucky and chosen a group of very non-representative customers? So far, however, what…


Enterprise Conversations on Internet Explorer Support Changes

We recently announced our plans to change the support status for Internet Explorer. Since that time, I’ve been talking to a number of customers (at volumes ranging from rational discourse to aggravated yelling). And for those customers who are grumpy – believe me, I get it. I wanted to share broadly some of the…


The Impact to the Enterprise of Blocking Out of Date ActiveX Controls

The push to get modern continues, and one big piece of news last week was our announcement that we are adding functionality to block really old versions of specific ActiveX controls, particularly Java. Now, this isn’t completely revolutionary. In fact, we’re not even the first ones to do it – Java itself currently tells…


IE11 Enterprise Mode and Compatibility View are Additive, not Exclusive

It’s been a busy couple of months in the world of app compat, so I’ve got a backlog of things to cover. Let’s start with an FAQ that I’ve gotten in nearly every conversation I’ve had about web app compat since April. On April 8, we introduced a feature called Enterprise Mode. This is a…


Reporting Sites Which are Incompatible with IE11

With Internet Explorer 11, we invested a lot in improving the overall compatibility of web sites. In my experience, the single biggest change we made was to the user agent string. The IE11 user agent string no longer contains the string MSIE. This has turned out to be terrific for sites which used to black…