What are the ACT Compatibility Evaluators Really Good For?

I receive a number of questions on the compatibility evaluators in ACT that revolve around one central question: what are they actually good for? Seems kind of a harsh question, eh? Well, I’m not intending to be rude. However, I do try to help people avoid assumptions that will end up making them sad. However,…


Windows 7 Vendor Compatibility Data Now Available in ACT 5.5

It’s been a long road to get here, but the checklist is now complete. Vendor data for Windows 7 application compatibility, previously available on the web and as a downloadable Excel sheet, is finally integrated into ACT 5.5! Here is some information on this data, courtesy of the team: How many applications do we have…


Why don’t I see any data for Vendor Assessment for Windows 7 in ACT 5.5?

A few weeks ago, I spoke about how our information on vendor data was slowly making it through the channel, beginning with the compatibility center (complete), moving on to the downloadable Application Compatibility List for IT Pros (complete), and finally getting to ACT. I suggested, “The target date for this integration is mid-December 2009.” To…


Localized Documentation for the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5 (ACT 5.5) Available in 10 Languages

今日は。Guten Tag. Bonjour. ¡Hola! 안녕하세요. 你好. Ciao. Здравствуйте. Olá. I’ve been on leave for a while, so my apologies for being quiet lately. I’ve been sitting on this news for a while, though I think these links might come in handy if you are touching a global audience. We have localized the documentation for ACT…


How to Remove the RC Designation from the Windows 7 Reports in ACT 5.5

We shipped ACT 5.5 back in April 2009, several months before we shipped Windows 7. Helpfully (I guess) we decided to label it Windows 7 RC in the UI so you could specifically track your testing against the release candidate. We had the idea that we could update this via our web service, so that…


ACT 5.5 in Non-English Locales Not Recognizing Date Strings: Workaround and Long Term Fix

I’ve been seeing a number of reports on an error while synchronizing with ACT, with an error message indicating something along the lines of: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime The errors have thus far come from Germany and The Netherlands. The team has already investigated the issue – it is, indeed, a…


MMS 2009 Recap

I’m a wee bit behind on reflecting on the conferences that I was fortunate enough to participate in, but I like to spend the time to think about it. I guess to some extent it’s probably fairly selfish of me, because I think that the most frequent user of this data is me (I use…


How to Fix the ACT 5.5 Persistence_FlushSqlError

I’ve seen this error come up a few times now, and there’s a (dirty, ugly) hack you can use to fix it. So, for those who are fans of dirty, ugly hacks, here you go. If you see the error: ACM encountered the following error while performing synchronization: Persistence_FlushSqlError Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘IssueSolution_PrimaryKey’….


The Case of the SUA Missing Log File

Since I’m using Mark’s tools, I figure I may as well steal his blog title scheme… I had a customer come to me with a question on Standard User Analyzer (SUA), looking for an explanation for why it was coming back with the following error: Failed to load log file C:\Users\…\AppData\Local\Temp\sua No (valid) log file…