Debugging the new WeightWatchers Mobile Site on IE10 for Windows Phone 8

It’s been a while since I’ve done a debugging post, and I thought it was about time I came back and did one again. As some of you may have figured out, I travel now and then. (I am at just over 195,000 BIS – butt in seat – miles so far in 2012.) And,…


Changes to Shim Global Exclude in Windows 8

Lex III: Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem: sive corporum duorum actiones in se mutuo semper esse æquales et in partes contrarias dirigi. I remember a time when all bugs were bad, and it was my job to find and destroy them all. That, of course, was when I was a developer. My perspective…


App Compat with Windows 8 Chat – December 7, 2012

Just in time for the holidays, on December 7, 2012 (tomorrow as I write this), 1:00pm Central, I’ll be chatting with my friends from ChangeBase / Quest / Dell about the app compat landscape for Windows 8. You can join in the conversation here: Hope to chat with some of you tomorrow!