All of the Nerdy Details on Internet Explorer 9 Application Compatibility

We recently announced that Internet Explorer 9 will be available starting Monday, March 14. Naturally, if you are a geek (which, statistically speaking, is true for a fairly large percentage of folks who happen to be reading my blog), you are asking yourself, “where are all of the nerdy details about changes which might affect my applications?”

Well, chances are that most of your applications will do OK if you leave them in one of the compatibility modes (Quirks, IE7, or IE8), which you can do easily enough using the X-UA-Compatible header/tag. In fact, the success rate we’ve had with that with pilot deployments in our enterprise TAP program has been phenomenally high. But what if you have an existing application where you are choosing to invest in an update, perhaps to leverage some of the great new capabilities in HTML5?

The place to start is the Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility Cookbook.

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