How Do I Stop Upgrades to IE9?

Moving people off of older browsers onto newer ones is something we have been pushing hard for at Microsoft. The latest version of IE is significantly more secure than older ones, and way more interoperable. (Who really wants to develop 2 websites when they really only want one – one for some crusty old version…


Libraries and Web Applications (and Why You Need to Manage Where you Use jQuery and Similar Libraries)

Developers, and the people responsible for the productivity of those developers, have long known that code reuse was something we should aspire to. Don Box, in his seminal book Essential COM walks through the progression we made in the Windows world around code sharing. I strongly recommend reading through the entire work (which I won’t…


Managing the Windows 7 Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA)

I wanted to document a bit of detail about managing the Program Compatibility Assistant, a bit of technology we added for Windows Vista and have been enhancing since that time – I figured it was probably time that we came out with an update for Windows 7. What motivated this was a series of conversations…


Podcast on IE9, App Compat, and the future (Windows 8, IE10) with ChangeBASE

I always like to take the opportunity to do a favor for a friend. And, if that favor is “put on a headset and talk geek for a while” well, that’s hardly work at all – in fact, I normally just call that “being awake”. So, in that spirit, when my friend Emily from ChangeBase…


Improvements in ACT Vendor Assessments – September 2011

It’s only been 3 months since I last reported in on ACT vendor assessments, and some changes we made to improve the match rate which you can expect to find when you sync and start looking for vendor data. Now that we’ve performed the update, I wanted to report back on how things have improved….


Differences in JavaScript Performance Across IE9 Document Modes

I had a question come up from a customer: so, IE9 JavaScript performance is faster, and IE9 has 4 different document modes – are there differences in JavaScript performance across the document modes? Now, I kind of suspected that the answer would be yes, but I didn’t actually know any details – and as a…


App Compat Sessions at TechEd Australia 2011

For those of you attending TechEd Australia, if you are interested in application compatibility, there are two sessions you won’t want to miss tomorrow (September 1, 2011): Troubleshooting Application Compatibility Issues with Windows Internet Explorer 9 When your website doesn’t work with a new browser, what do you do? In this demo-heavy session we explore…


The App Compat Guy Speaking at Brisbane Infrastructure Group

Don’t have enough cash to attend TechEd Australia? Well, if you were really looking forward to the app compat content, I’ve got you covered. Tomorrow night (Monday, August 29), I’ll be speaking at the Brisbane Infrastructure Group up in (not surprisingly) Brisbane. The talk will go from 5:30 – 7:30pm, and will be as interactive…


Chris Jackson’s Formula (for When to Test For Application Compatibility)

OK, so it’s not as famous as e=mc2, but here is the rule I apply for when to test an application for app compat.   You should test your applications when: cost failure × probability failure > cost testing   You should otherwise not bother to test your applications – just fix them reactively through…