When Will the Windows 7 Application Compatibility List Be Updated Again?

A while back, I had mentioned that we intend to update the Windows 7 Application Compatibility List around once every two weeks or so, at least while we were still ramping up and there were plenty of gaps to fill.

For those of you just joining us – we keep a list of vendor-supported applications available in a couple of places, and also move as much data as we can over into the back-end to be consumed by the ACT client. This can help save you a bit of time from having to search every single vendor’s website for support data; though you will still likely have to visit the support site of the vendor for many apps, the more we can report on in a single site, the less time you have to spend navigating their sites and searching for compatibility statements. We keep that data here:

Now, one of these locations has a date stamped on it: April 26,2010. And you don’t need to use Windows 7’s fancy new Date calculation feature in the Windows Calculator to compute that this was more than 2 weeks ago (though, if you did, you’d find that it was 63 days ago, with 63 being somewhat greater than 14).

Did we disband the team?

Nope – the team is still very much there. And they’ve been working hard on adding some pretty important updates. And, of course, those updates have a full disclosure plan, and so I don’t get to talk about them yet. For now, I just wanted you to know that this little task is still seeing some love within Microsoft, and that the team is still hard at work to find new and innovative ways to help reduce the time you spend understanding and addressing app compat as part of your Windows 7 migrations.

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