Windows 7 Compatibility Center Live on the Web

Hooray – I can stop pasting this link into emails!

The Windows 7 Compatibility Center is now live.

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  1. Daniel Hutchinson says:

    What office versions are officially supported under Windows 7?

  2. cjacks says:

    Erm … you could look that up on the compatibility center… 🙂

  3. Martin Nothnagel says:

    Hi Chris,

    thanks for sharing.

    But I have the same question:

    Which office version are officially supported?

    E.g. for Office 2003 the CompCenter tells me "it’s compatible". But does compatible means fully supported by Microsoft? Or does it just work, but no support, because O2003 is in its extended lifecycle phase? That would conclude: Office 2007 is the only officially supported office-suite for Windows 7. Is that right?

    Thank you for any information,

    Martin Nothnagel

  4. cjacks says:

    I do not work on the Office team or in product support, so unfortunately I don’t really have any more details. Here is the support lifecycle page for Office:

  5. WatsonDR says:

    Hey Chris,

    Any word on an update to ACT now that Windows 7 is out? ACT 5.5 still references Windows 7 RC in the Quick Reports, Issues, etc.

  6. cjacks says:

    @WatsonDR – we thought we’d designed the system so we could easily change the label to remove the RC, but we forgot one little thing. So, we’ll need to patch things up to change it. I’m not sure how they’re going to get that update out. I just hacked my database personally – it’s just an entry there. 🙂

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